Make Every Call Count

With Off Site Reps’ friendly and professional virtual receptionists.

Live Call Answering. Friendly Receptionists.

With Off Site Reps’ live call answering service, you can get all the benefits of a personal receptionist – at a fraction of the cost. Whether you need call screening and transfers, message taking, lead collection, appointment scheduling, or help processing orders, our team of virtual receptionists takes pride in delivering truly outstanding service on every call.

Mike E.

Loves tap dancing, and hockey

“Life is like a giant performance on the main stage”.

Shelia T.

Enjoys bike riding and yoga

“Endurance and self control are great life lessons”

Manny P.

Video games and my family

“Multi-tasking high stress situations and understanding has brought me this far and guides me now”.

Saleena C.

Social media and fishing

“My hobbies have taught me patience and effective communications”.

Paul D.

Youth League football coach

“As coach Paul I’ve been able to effectively talk to different people on many different levels”.


Linda B

Amateur treasure hunter

“Exploring and digging deeper to uncover the truth is my passion”.

Samuel J.

Student Athlete

“Focus is key”

Great Calls, Great Service with      Off Site Reps

Take your phone-based customer service to the next level with Off Site Reps’ answering services. Our team of over 150 virtual receptionists provides that perfect blend of professionalism, friendliness and business savvy to impress your callers and make your business look its best.

  • Stop frustrating your callers and missing out on business from unanswered phone calls
  • Ensure every caller gets great service with live call answering coverage
  • Reduce costs and increase productivity
  • Customize call handling experiences to fit your business needs

More Than Just an Answering Service

Offsite’s virtual receptionists can perform a wide range of services on your calls,
so you can spend less time following up and more time growing your business.

Message Taking

Our virtual receptionists will answer your phone calls when you’re not available and take a message with all the details you need.


Lead Collection

Specify the information you want us to collect and Off Site Reps will deliver lead captures with everything you need to pre-qualify your best opportunities.


Call Screening

Let Off Site Reps screen your calls based on your call screening preferences, so you get only the calls you want, when you want them.

Order Processing

Using our software or your web-based ecommerce system, our agents can answer frequent questions and process orders and returns.


Call Transfers

Our friendly, virtual receptionists will greet every caller, patching calls through to you and your team per your call handling instructions.


Event Registration

Putting on an event? Our virtual receptionists can help handle the overhead of frequently asked questions and attendee registrations.


Appointment Scheduling

Our agents will help fill your schedule and manage your business appointments in your web-based calendaring and scheduling software.



Whatever software your business uses, chances are Off Site Reps can integrate it into your script for even more call handling capabilities.